Concerned about your website’s SEO health? We produce in-depth, comprehensive SEO & Website audits to identify current issues, potential obstacles, SEO opportunities and give recommendations.

What’s included ?


In-Depth Analysis

We are not a typical SEO audit provider. We will manually go through each SEO element.

All Areas Covered

From extensive On-Page and Technical SEO to Off-Page SEO and content, we’ll analyse all areas of your website.

Easy To Follow

Our audit reports are extremely easy to follow. We’ll show you exactly how to fix the issues we identify.

Forensic SEO Audits with Qliqmark.

As SEO continues to change and evolve, website owners are required to adapt to stay in line with the latest trends.

Any business that is looking to improve their organic presence needs to be able to spot and rectify any potential obstacles to SEO performance.

A comprehensive SEO audit is the first step to developing a successful online presence, driving organic traffic and conversions.

From on-page and technical SEO to off-page and content marketing, we’ll analyse every bit of your website to identify issues and provide actionable recommendations.

Our approach.


Your site’s structure determines its usability, crawlability and user-friendliness. Clean navigation & structure helps your CTR (Click-Through-Rate), lowers the bounce rate and improves your site’s link flow.


We evaluate your On-Page & Technical SEO by analysing critical components like meta tags, keyword usage, alt tags, H1-H6 usage, speed, performance, sitemaps, URLs structure, internal linking, broken links, errors, redirects, and more.


We’ll then assess your off-page SEO by analysing your organic rankings, domain & page authority, quality & quantity of your backlinks, traffic and its sources, behaviour flow, competitors, and your overall presence on the web.


Social Media is an amazing way of communicating with your audience and potential customers. By looking at your social media presence, we will identify the degree of interaction, topic popularity and most importantly – the strategy.


Design is usually the first judgment people make when on your website. We thoroughly analyse your layout, colours, readability, responsiveness, alignment and visuals to identify potential improvements and changes.


We’ll carry out an in-depth examination of your internal content to determine its quality, relevance and uniqueness. Next, we’ll do extensive keyword research to find relevant, high-volume but low difficulty keywords for you to target.


We’ll check how well your site is doing when it comes to local SEO, map results, localisation and Google Ads. By analysing your structured data, citations, reviews and other local SEO signals, we’ll be able to map out an action plan.


Your competitors will be analysed against your website, including their backlink profiles, organic traffic and ranking positions. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of recommendations, strategies and opportunities.

Where we’re featured.

Aside from helping our clients get traction online, our own brand has been featured and mentioned by industry-leading publications, including, ClickZ, TechRadar, GoDaddy, Search Engine Watch, Venture Beat, WooRank, SEMRush, Elegant Themes, and many more.

We had our work recommended by top SEO & Digital Marketing influencers, including Rand Fishkin of Moz, Brian Dean of Backlinko and Syed Balkhi of WPBeginner.

What’s included ?

An X-Ray analysis of your website by SEO professionals. Issues, fixes, recommendations, opportunities & strategies. All in one report.

What’s included ?



Producing a piece of content is just a fraction of what goes into every copywriting project. From topic ideation and industry research to SERP analysis and keyword research, we take care of every bit that goes into creating content that matters.

Topic Ideation

Industry Research

Headline Planning

SERP Analysis

Keyword Research

Tone & Style Selection

Topic Ideation

Industry Research

Headline Planning

SERP Analysis

Keyword Research

Tone & Style Selection

Featured case study.

This phone deal comparison engine needed help driving targeted organic traffic. Despite being in an extremely competitive niche, the team at Solvid conducted a successful content marketing and blogger outreach campaign, achieving amazing results in just 12 months.


increase in organic traffic


increase in organic ranking keyword


keywords in top 10 Google results


media placements secured

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Do I need an SEO audit?

If you’re trying to improve SEO, generate more organic traffic and drive conversions, SEO audit is the first step to finding out what could be improved.

Our SEO audit service will help you identify your website’s strengths and weaknesses. As SEO continues to evolve, website owners are required to adapt to stay ahead of the competition.

That being said, we’re not a just a general SEO audit agency – we tell you exactly how to fix the issues we identify.

How will you deliver the audit?
After going through each element manually, we’ll produce a PDF report that will outline the issues, recommendations and fixes. Depending on the size of the website and the chosen package, PDF reports are generally between 40 and 150 pages.
Will you recommend SEO strategies?
Yes! This is the main purpose of any SEO audit. Whether it’s the content marketing strategy or your link-building efforts, we’ll recommend the strategies specifically tailored to your website.
What is covered in an SEO audit?

Our SEO audits are extremely detailed. From on-page and technical SEO to duplicate content and your backlinks profile, we carry out an x-ray breakdown of your website. Check out above for the full list of audited elements.

There’s one exception though, instead of running your website through a typical SEO tool, we go through each element manually.

Will you show how to fix the issues?
Absolutely! This is why we are different from other SEO audit providers. We don’t just outline the issues, we show you exactly how to fix them.
Will you audit all pages on my website?
If your website has more than 50 pages, we will audit a couple of pages from each category (i.e. instead of auditing all blog posts, product pages and news articles, we will audit a few to point out the issues that are present on all related pages).

Otherwise, if your website has fewer than 50 unique pages, and depending on the package you’ve purchased, we’ll audit all pages that require attention.