PPC Campaign Management Services

Pay per click advertising is one of the most effective online marketing technique and is utilized to drive targeted audience to the website, allowing the business to reach its prospective customers. Effective PPC campaign management can boost the sales through better conversion rates. At United Digihub, our PPC experts help generate high traffic and revenue for your business with minimum investment, so you can be assured of getting better output on your web marketing investment.

Top-performing PPC campaigns require a structured plan for success!!

Paid Search Marketing

With our paid marketing services - Google Adwords & Bing Ads, we can boost visibility, drive traffic & generate leads at an incredibly performance rate. Staying in control of your marketing budget, our Google adwords certified professionals create effective ads for finer targeting & place them in a prominent position to improve CTR. Having experience & proficiency in handling paid advertising campaigns for our clients globally, we create, implement & track performing online advertising campaigns aimed at improving revenue with measurable results.

We at UNITED DIGIHUB delivers the desired traffic and revenue through sales or support oriented PPC campaigns

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Keyword Research and Evaluation
  • Negative Keyword Research
  • Position Evaluations and Bid Adjustments
  • Ad Writing, Review and Testing
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Reporting

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PPC marketing core accomplishments

Search Advertsing

Search ads are the most familiar to masses. Ads that appear at the top or along the sides of the Google search results page based on your search query are Search ads. These text ads can also appear in Google Shopping or Google Maps when someone searches on your keywords. As a PPC campaign management services company we always recommend this type of ads to any business since it forwards best and related traffic to your wensite.


Re-marketing helps you reach individuals who has visited your site or used your app. Previous visitors or users can see your ads whenever they browse sites that are a piece of the Google Display Network, or whenever they search for terms identical to your products or services on Google.

Retargeting is frequently used to describe online ad placements and display ads based on a user’s activity on your site. A client goes to your site, a cookie’s set and you would now be able to target ads to them on different sites they visit.

Display Advertising

Banner ads, rich media and more are classified as Display advertising. Unlike text-based ads, display advertising relies on graphical elements such as images, audio and video to communicate any advertising message. Through this PPC marketing services we can achieve maximum promotion for your offer/event/brand/product across your targeted audience.

App Marketing

App marketing refers to the marketing of an application, or short app that can be used on different mobile devices. App marketing plans to direct number of clients for an app or gadget which in turns create income. App marketing can be termed as a piece of mobile marketing, however contrary from mobile marketing by concentrating only on apps, mobile devices are targeted to be the platform by PPC advertising companies.

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